How to Make an Abstract for a Research Paper

By | 22nd August 2018

Knowledge in the sphere of academic writing skills is very important for people who show interest in such genres as reports, essays, theses or dissertations. After finishing the research of mentioned papers, it is necessary to present the short resume with main points and relevant information on the above part of the scientific work.

A long scientific work in one paragraph is called an abstract and it is obvious that sentences in it must be logically connected with the topical sentence which contains the general information, brief description of the content and presentation of its results.

It is necessary to know how to choose the relevant material from a long academic paper, because a lot of people from scientific circles pay great attention to the small paragraph and consider that it is enough to be introduced with the work.

Academic resumes are divided into two kinds:

  1. Descriptory
  2. Informatory

Descriptory Resume

Descriptory summary is for getting very brief information and it introduces the reader to the major sections of your research paper. This kind of resume has been written in the mentioned form

  • the general notion of the subject;
  • the purpose and the development of it;
  • description of all the relevant parts of the research;
  • brief information on experts, citations of whom were used in scientific work.

This type should be written in no more than150 words and doesn’t include conclusion or any result.

The Informatory Resume

This kind of summary is for presenting the reader all the major problems of the paper. It may be written longer than the descriptive abstract but not more than one page.

The format is:

  • the resume of the paper that is done for understanding the main idea ;
  • purpose, methodology and the achieved results.

Summing up the results of an article it can be stated that summary is an important part of an academic paper, because people read it when they want to have a brief notion of the whole paper.

Be careful with the difference between an introduction and an abstract. Introduction in the scientific papers is the first page of a research which includes the whole content of it and deals with all the sections of the paper.

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