How to Correct Your IELTS Essay Writing 2018

By | 31st August 2018

How to correct your IELTS essay – best tips

Hello there! In this tutorial we’re going to look at how you can correct your own essay we’re going to look it’s going to be divided into three parts we’re going to look at correcting for language skills correcting for exam skills and correcting your own paper in the exam and I divided it up into three components so that you can approach it effectively and I think it will let you do this task with more clarity if you know exactly which part you want to do and I know this because I’ve corrected thousands of essays with my own company and I’ve taught other tutors how to correct exams as well how to correct essays so let’s jump into it like I said we’re going to look at three different parts we’re going to correct for language skills we’re going to correct for exam skills and then we’re going to correct our own paper in the exam which is a very useful technique to boost your score let’s jump straight into it so obviously you’re going to write your own essay now because the focus is language skills we’re not really going to be so concerned about doing this essay about writing this essay in 40 minutes assuming we’re doing the IELTS Task 2 so take your time spend an hour an hour and a half remember the focus is the language so this is why we want to spend an hour and a half just writing it out and really just focusing on accuracy on the grammar we’re not going to be bothered about 40 minutes about you know task response and these things they’re going to take a secondary they’re going to take a back step a back stage the main focus will be the accuracy of our language and our writing ability now what you want to do is you write it out then you go back and you check it take some time you might also want to take a break you finish writing go make a cup of tea then come back with a fresh pair of eyes and you’d be more likely to spot the mistakes also if you leave it a day and come back the day afterwards but when you do sit down and you do look at it okay go through a different colored pen of course if you can computer whatever and just you should try and identify areas that you think are wrong obviously and one way you can do this is you can take the exact phrase write it and then put it between inverted commas go to Google and see if there other phrases like that of course this technique is limited because if you’ve got a whole fragment you’re not going to get the most accurate feedback but at least little fragments little clauses perhaps you’re going to get feedback now my favorite okay I’ll tell you my favorite in a second but the other way is you can get a tutor to give you feedback get a friend to give you feedback if you’re getting a friend to do it don’t ask them to explain the grammar rule as just from general personal experience yeah you usually end up more confused can be possibly a bit embarrassing for the native speaker just ask them to circle it and then you go through it you deconstruct it and say okay this is an article this is a noun this pronoun whatever and then go and find the rule online that explains why it is wrong but first you need that native speaker or that yeah the native speaker just to identify the error in the first place also you can find online services at my website we’ve got an essay correction service 24 hours you get your essay back in 24 hours very fast we’ve got extremely qualified staff extremely qualified teacher doing this if you just want to get ahead get some feedback and move now move ahead so my favorite when we are correcting the essay is we want to master the construction okay we want to master the constructions of the sentence certain constructions in certain sentence structures okay and then we want to master thispecific one and I think mastering the actual sentence construction is more valuable more practical than actually mastering the rule okay let me give you an example so we’ve written our essay a paragraph half way through it and we want to give an example so we say we can memorize this structure for example if the tests were never allowed to happen there would most likely be serious consequences such as okay next one for example if the government were never allowed to implement such changes there would most likely be serious consequences such as can you see I’ll put these in the comments for example if the employees were never permitted time off there would most likely be serious consequences such as okay so this is a conditional sentence but we’re just going to memorize this specific example and now we can interchange it in the example I gave you what I interchanged it for if the employees were never permitted time off if the government were never allowed to implement such changes if the tests were never allowed to happen so we memorize this construction and now we can just interchange the nouns or interchange the subjects and we’ve got a whole new sentence that’s grammatically perfect this is the important thing it’s going to be grammatically perfect now we can test with this if you want more sentence structures like that you want more constructions to master this is what the online course is built around we give you sentence structures like this that you can just drop into your essay and hey presto you’ve got a very coherent essay let’s move on to the next part and this is correcting your exam for correcting your writing for exam purposes here what we’re going to be looking at is not really identifying the errors okay also we are going to be doing that that is the part of it that the main focus here is improving the essay we’re going to upgrade the essay so here what we do is we’ll go through it look opportunities where we can change and modify it so for example we could look at the vocabulary and look at opportunities to upgrade that vocabulary maybe we could go for topic-specific vocabulary maybe we could use a collocation also we’re going to be looking at is there any repetition am I using the same phrase over and over again can I change it can I reword it yeah can I upgrade the sentence structure for example I said this in one way could I say it in a hypothetical way yeah or could I give the example as in the past or possibly predict future events and what we’re doing here is just looking at the body paragraph mainly and as I said looking for opportunities now while we’re doing this we’re only going to be doing this when we’re at home or in the library or in the cafe preparing we’re not going to do this as much in the exam because when we’re doing this at home we’re only going we can experiment we can test we can get feedback afterwards we can send it off to a professional as they correct and get some feedback afterwards of course in the exam we don’t have this luxury we cannot really experiment so in the exam we’re going to play it safe and we’re only going to possibly upgrade these sentences if we know the opportunity if we feel safe with the opportunity for example we’ve mastered that conditional sentence that I just said before and we see a perfect opportunity to put it in and maybe we even got feedback on that specific sentence from the essay corrector a week ago so we know it’s perfect so we’re going to put it in there now exam writing when we’re actually in the exam what we’re going to do is once we’ve written our essay hopefully we will leave a few minutes before the end of the exam and in those few minutes what we’re going to do is go through and look for mistakes now the way we do this there are two different techniques one is to go backwards backwards through the essay and just basically analyze each word I’m not so keen on this but it works for some students the other way you can do it is just start at the beginning and just go through slowly and this is a skill that you need to develop and it’s a skill that you’re going to develop while you’re at home so in the exam you can do it quickly effectively and you can most likely boost your score so you go through and you look for mistakes now when you’re doing your stuff correcting at home hopefully you were making an error list and that just shows you where the mistakes you as a writer were making the mistakes what areas so I was losing points in prepositions so now when it comes to the exam day and also after you’ve finished writing your exam your essay you go through and you look for prepositions go through the articles okay also we’re going to be looking for opportunities to improve but in the exam I think the best way to spend your time would be to look for errors that you can correct rather than risking it with improving so that’s what we would do on exam day in this video we looked at the three different ways you’re going to correct at home you’re going to correct your essay the first one looking at language skills that’s your main focus second one looking at exam skills and then the final one in the exam we’re going to hopefully implement both of our self correction self correcting skills that we were developing before we put them to good use come exam day so we pass the exam my name is Ben Worthington if you need more help in getting ahead with your IELTS and getting it out of the way and moving up then have a look at the IELTS course in the description and don’t forget that you can do this you can pass the IELTS exam and all the best and good luck take care

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